It’s no secret that the optician market is fully saturated and that lots of brands thrive to differentiate themselves from the competition.

When we were first contacted by the future Vistini team, their six shops – located in the most important Croatian cities; Zagreb, Split, and Rijeka to name a few – lacked consistency. Their brand lacked strategy and they needed urgent rebranding due to new market conditions and trends.

Their company had a legacy in Italian culture. This is why we decided to recreate an Italian look and feel for the future brand. We choose a unique name for the brand – Vistini – which comes from the Italian word vista – view or vision.

Design-wise we wanted to create a visual identity that communicates brand positioning straightforwardly. Being mainly focused on eyewear, lenses, high technology, and excellence in medical care, we choose to play with the brand name. This is why the typographic logo is designed from a blurred letter ‘V’ to a clear letter “I” to show what the brand is about.

What followed is the creation of all of the brand touch-points. Form corporate and brand communication, to the shop’s exterior and interior branding and design. To maintain brand coherence we redesigned the company’s online presence and social media activities.

Vistini shops now have a new beginning empowered with a modern visual identity and a unique positioning.

Field of work:

Brand Verbal Identity
Brand Visual Identity
Brand Implementation

Zambelli Brand Design - Vistini Ottica
Zambelli Brand Design - Vistini Ottica
Zambelli Brand Design - Vistini Ottica
Zambelli Brand Design - Vistini Ottica