When clients from Central real estate agency first approached Zambelli Brand Design studio we got to know their unique story.

By being young people in search of their new home, Central agency team members noticed that there was a gap in the highly competitive real estate market. They dreamed about a young yet very professional agency where services are tailored towards client needs and lifestyle.

The first step towards making their dreams come true was to find a unique brand name for their future real estate agency. Central worked perfectly. It was easy to remember, simple yet unique and it worked both internationally and locally.

The second step of the process was to design a brand identity – given the brand name – we designed a visual identity which elements consist of the center and home icon. By adding a rectangular shape to this two a third shape was born – the door element.

To further differentiate Central real estate agency identity – instead of choosing red color that usually represents brands in the real estate business – we characterized Central with soft colors that are giving the identity warmth and elegance.

To furthermore accentuate Central’s young yet sophisticated character we played around black and white pictures of young couples, their target market.

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Brand verbal identity
Brand visual identity
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