How to master your Instagram feed

You’ve seen it on Instagram a thousand times, but could never really put your finger on it. When a brand does it right, you are probably not aware of it, but you still feel it’s there. What are we talking about here?

Stand out from the crowd

Is your business different than that of your competition? You know it is, your employees know it, but do your buyers understand that well enough? Today, the number of players that are competing for the same customer – and sell the same products – is multiplying at a rapid pace in every industry vertical.


How to position a retail brand in an overcrowded marketplace? What makes a brand unique? The answers to these critical questions all play into a brand’s place in the market - The story of Flain.


Nowadays, where contactless sales have become a kind of new standard, Reginex, the Istrian leader when it comes to bakery products, has offered a whole new experience of buying bread: self-service bread vending machines - vending machines that would always be filled with fresh baked goods, nicely packaged and protected, and available 24 hours a day.


Za trenutke stanke, brzu užinu ili trenutnu infuziju energije nakon napornog posla, Quix punkt samoposlužnih aparata čeka te na istome mjestu – kao uvijek dostupan, elegantan i nasmijan prijatelj koji razumije što ti treba i pomaže ti točno onda kada ga trebaš.


The branding process usually tries to illustrate the sweet spot between one’s unique service or product and the customers’ needs and wants. To include other elements in the equation, such as the focus on current and future employees, or the long tradition of creating exceptional partnerships, is less common.


The first result of the rebranding was the renaming and complete reconstruction of the Abu Dhabi location, which gained a lot of attention. We believe that even more guests will come and that the new branding sends out a clear message that says: "This is not a simple restaurant but a completely fresh concept offering a unique experience."
Zambelli Brand Design - Vistini Ottica


Your brand name is no joke and presumably it will be with you for many years to come, connecting that verbal part of your identity with your products and services, and even the ideas and values ​​that you represent and support. But did you know that your brand name can determine whether or not your company will be successful? The Latin proverb, "Nomen est omen" really works when it comes to brand naming.


Many founders of IT companies believe that it is the innovation of their products that sells their offerings and that they don’t need branding and marketing. However, this theory falls flat when another competitor comes in with the same offer or when the market turns towards a new "shiny object". Because that is exactly what continuously happens in the technology world - fast changes and constant innovations.
Zambelli Brand Design - Bora Bora Sugaration Station


Considering its extremely sugary offering, Bora Bora couldn’t have the same product category as all the other juice bars. It had to be something entirely different that would reflect its unique products, which is why we came up with a new product category – “The sugaration station”. In short, it’s a place where you stop by to recharge with sweet pleasure, adventure, and a bit of that hedonistic energy.